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Tank Farms

Altex Energy's tank farms are designed to contain at least 110% of the storage capacity of the tanks. Tank ContainmentThe containment system is rubber lined with a barrier to contain the breach of any tank. The picture on the right shows a tank farm under construction. The tanks are set on concrete bases and the whole tank farm is surrounded with a containment structure. The picture below shows a finished tank farm. Altex tank farms are equipped with radar sensors linked to computer systems which are designed to detect and prevent overflow. Tank Containment 2


Enviro Boxes

Drip TraySmall containment boxes are placed beneath all connection joints to the rail or truck to catch minor drips or leaks. On the right is an image of a box underneath the bottom valve of the rail car before it is checked and sealed.  Below is an image of the drip tray under the truck connection.Drip Tray Truck LowRes


Top Loading

Altex loads all cars from the top as it is safer and does not require large containment under the car. There are two types of systems in use by Altex. One is for direct truck to rail and the other is a gang loading rack. However, each loading system have a safety shut off to prevent over filling railcars. The safey shut off device is the round blue instrument shown below which connected by a cable to the loading computer. Note the Top Loading 1smaller vapour recovery hose. This captures any vapours given off while loading.