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There are a host of agencies that monitor and approve the construction and operations of the Altex facilities. As well as Altex working with the local communities to establish levels of monitoring that provides comfort to the citizens.

The Railway Association of Canada has a website that groups regulatory authority all of the regulations that may apply to railways.
Alberta Environment oversees water and air quality.
Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta monitor storage tank installations
Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has numerous directives establishing parameters of design and operation
Alberta Transportation regulates all railways under provincial jurisdiction
Transport Safety Board of Canada also regulates rail systems
The National Fire Code of Canada (NFC) 2010 provides minimum fire safety requirements for buildings, structures and areas where hazardous materials are used, and addresses fire protection and fire prevention in the ongoing operation of buildings and facilities

Rural Municipality of Wilton No. 462 http://www.rmwilton.ca
Government of Saskatchewan – Government Relations http://gr.gov.sk.ca
Economy – Government of Saskatchewan http://economy.gov.sk.ca
Labour Relations and Workplace Safety http://lrws.gov.sk.ca