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Rail Cars

The rail cars used to transport the crude oil are double hulled with heavier shield plates on the ends.Insulated Tank Car They have steam tubes to reheat the oil for removal at destination. Rail Tank Car Regulations

Rail Car Spills

Historically there are significantly fewer barrels of oil spilled by rail than pipeline. In addition, the oil in pipelines is designed to flow easily in order to facilite pumping. The heavier oil loaded and hauled by Altex becomes thicker once the Rail Car Spills
heat is removed so the oil does not flow. If there ever was an accident with a railcar the contents would be contained in a very small area.

Pipeline Safety

RR Accident Charts

Railroads: M
oving America Safely

An article published by the Association of American Railroads states "todays railroads are safer than ever before". Click here to view whole article.

The Association of American Railroads has a great website that explains railroad safety.

RR Safer Chart