Lynton (Fort McMurray)

Terminal Capacity

Barrels per Day: 27,000   Trucks per Day: 101   Tank Storage: 30,000
Cars per Day:     50   Unloading Spots: 6   Car Storage: 40

Location: 8 miles (12.5 km) west of Hwy 63 on Hwy 69Ft Mac Map
Terminal Phone Number:  587-674-1059

GPS ButtonKey Contact: Aaron Bishop:  (403) 809-2610
GPS Coordinates 56.6350, -111.1217


See the video below

Located in CN's Lynton terminal, south east of the Fort McMurrary Airport.

The terminal was designed to deliver dilbit into tank cars and receive diluent via the same tank cars. The terminal was initially constructed to transload 15,000 bbls/d, but is capable of 27,000 bbls/d with two switches/day. The site was design to be able to add additional tanks and rail car loading and unloading racks. 

The site employs three sidings plus several track pull backs and it has the ability to store and move 40 cars. During the next phase additional track will be added and the terminal's operational capacity should exceed 50 cars per day with only one switch.

As with all our terminals, Altex has designed, constructed and operates this facility with full regard for the environment and public health and safety. We have employed the best engineering practices in the design and construction of this project with an emphasis on best environmental practices. Terminal custody transfer complies with AER Directive 17 standards. A modern vapour recovery system has been deployed on our process tanks and tank cars.


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