Terminal Capacity

Barrels per Day: 88,000 Trucks per Day: 480 Tank Storage: 148,000 bbls
Cars per Day:     155 Unloading Spots: 26 Car Storage: 350

Location: 2 miles (2.3 km) northwest of the Town of Lashburn, SK on Hwy 16
Terminal Phone Number: (306) 285-1212

GPS ButtonKey Contact: Dwaine Schaab - (306) 393-9250
GPS Coordinates 53.1313, -109.6375


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Lashburn Aerial

Lashburn Terminal was built to support the transfer of heavy crude from oil field trucks to rail tank cars.  The terminal was originally constructed to transload 3,500 bbls/d. Volumes have grown significantly during the past several years and the terminal has undergone a series of expansions. The terminal is now unit train capable and can load over 88,000 bbls/d.

The terminal processes heavy crude using tanks as a buffer between the trucks and rail cars. Lashburn Terminal is equipped with 26 pull through truck unloading racks to ensure no waiting time. It is also equipped with twenty railcar loading racks to handle unit trains as well as manifest car loading simultaneously.

Initially, the terminal had track to spot 12 cars. Subsequent track expansions increased the storage capacity to 350 tank cars. A further expansion will move this to over 500 cars of onsite car storage. Terminal custody transfer complies with AER directive 17 standards. 

 Lashburn Trucks