Terminal Capacity        
Barrels per Day: 4,000 Trucks per Day: 18 Cars per Day:     7
Tank Storage: none  Unloading Spots: 1   Car Storage: 8

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Location: 5115 - 52 Street, Lloydminster, AB  T9V 0R9

Key Contacts: Curtis Layton:  (403) 620-8334

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GPS Coordinates 53.28599, -110.0147


Lloyd loading railcarIn October of 2010, the terminal was used for demonstrative purposes. Formally commissioned in late March 2011 as a commercial terminal, Lloydminster became Altex's first successful transloading terminal.

Altex's Lloydminster transload terminal supports the transfer of heavy crude from oil field trucks to tank cars.

Terminal custody transfer complies with AER directive 17 standards are met by metering to oil from the truck to the tank car. All the tank cars are top loaded to prevent to chances of a spill. The terminal typically processes and transloads about 3,000 bbls/d.


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