Nothing is more important to us than safety. Safety of our employees, the people in the communities we operate, the people of the communities through which our shipper's oil travels and those people unloading the oil at destination.

Our safety approach starts with quality assurance. All of our sites have a lab on site.  We test the oil for hydrogen sulphide (H2S), flash point, basic sediment and water (BSW).

 Testing Oil sleeves2Every truck load that comes into our terminal is tested for H2S. If the load exceeds the terminal's tolerance the load is rejected. Our field Service Delivery teams ensures these rules are strictly followed.

We also check the incoming oil and regularly test our tanks for flash point. This is important as many destination terminals are not equipped to handle low flash point oil. Should low flash point oil get into tanks not equipped to handle it, a serious tank failure could occur.

Although it is not dangerous to have water in the oil, we test all of the incoming oil to our shippers specifications.

Our field Service Delivery Team ensures the oil meets your quality specifications and it is safe for everyone along the pipeline path.