Terminal Capacity

Barrels per Day: 29,000   Trucks per Day: 155   Tank Storage: 24,000 bbls
Cars per Day:     50   Unloading Spots: 12   Car Storage: 66

Location: in the Town of Unity

Unity Map GPS ButtonKey Contact: Dwaine Schaab - (306) 393-9250
GPS Coordinates 52.4428, -109.1660


Located in the Town of Unity, this terminal was Altex's third terminal. Built on lands owned by CN, the terminal, focuses on processing and transloading oil and placing it in rail tank cars. Terminal custody transfer to AER Directive 17 standards are met through the employment of a truck scales.

Although the terminal was initial constructed to transload 5,250 bbls/d, it has undergone a series of expansions. Today the terminal easily processes and transloads 15,000 bbls/d but has a design capacity of 29,000 bbls/d.

In addition to the terminal, the site employs two sidings and has the ability to store and move 66 cars.

Top load

As with all our terminals, Altex has designed, constructed and operates this facility with full regard for the environment and public health and safety. We have employed the best engineering practices in the design and construction of this project with an emphasis on best environmental practices. A vapor recovery system has been deployed on to our process tanks and this system has been expanded to include all the vapors that could be emitted including from the top of the tank cars.

 Aerial Unity small