Our Ownership

Altex is a rapidly growing Canadian controlled private corporation. Our major shareholder is Azimuth Capital Management (formerly Kern Partners) through their investment funds as well as certain Azimuth co-investors (who have a direct investment in Altex as well as an indirect investment through Azimuth funds) Collectively Altex and co-investors own ~96% of Altex.

All employees of the company either are shareholders or have the ability to be shareholders in the company. As owners of the company, the employees are committed to providing exceptional service for our customers and value for all shareholders including themselves.

Azimuth Capital Management

Our Plan

Altex is made up of dedicated employees with multi-disciplinary business experience in the rail, midstream, resource and oil industries and have a proven track record in business. The business plan of the leadership team is to continue to grow the business that we introduced to Canada and dominate the market, as more volume and products are moved safely, economically and effectively by rail.

We will continue to build state-of-the-art facilities from simple direct truck to rail transloads to mid-tier terminals to full unit train terminals. Allowing shippers to test markets and scale up as necessary.

Our “Crude by Rail” Service Model

Shippers deal with Altex the same way crude oil shippers traditionally would deal with a pipeline. Shippers typically pay a pipeline toll to transport their crude oil from the “pipe head” terminal to a destination terminal.

Shippers do the exactly the same with Altex. Additionally, we manage more of the elements of transporting crude oil to market, with less risk and cost. We have teamed up with CN to deliver a cost effective, extremely fast, reliable and safe service. Altex and CN’s service model delivers unit train or manifest service in a very cost effective solution, whether you are shipping one car or 2000 cars. Our service model can manage your unit train volumes. Other service providers have you aggregate your shipments over a week or more to run a “unit train”. This is extremely inefficient and costly. We can fill and ship multiple unit trains per day leading to a quicker and more economic outcome for all.