What Does Altex Do?

Altex is a company which moves oil (and other products) from producers to consumers. Our goal is to ensure a seamless interconnectivity along the heavy oil/bitumen supply chain. Altex does not buy or sell oil – that’s our customer’s business.

Our unique product offering is a fully-integrated, bidirectional, multi-destination, rail-based crude by rail system connecting producers of bitumen and crude oil products from Canada’s oil sands to markets within Alberta, the rest of Canada, US Midwest, US Gulf Coast and other export markets.

What Does Altex Do?

Our system significantly enhances the service reliability and market reach for all shippers because of economies of scale and multiple markets. This is something that cannot be easily achieved with conventional pipeline systems or by individual companies trying to replicate each part of the transportation rail system.

Altex manages all facets of the transportation, from the wellhead to your final destination market. Our Service Delivery team interface with the producers’ trucking firms to get your oil to our terminal to meet your nominations. We interface daily with CN and other rail carriers to manage the rail fleet in and out of our terminals all the way to destination and back.

“In short, we are a full service transportation company. We manage the entire rail flow on a system approach so you don’t have to. That’s our business.”

How does the Altex Rail System compare to Pipelines?

We differentiate our solution from conventional pipelines in several ways: delivery to end markets for less cost, greater scalability, flexibility, speed of delivery, and unprecedented connectivity resulting in higher netbacks and cashflow for our users.

We believe our rail system offers a very significant market advantage. When you consider the costs of handling diluent to be part of the transportation cost of heavy oil, our system can deliver the heavy oil at a total less cost than the other conventional pipeline alternatives.

Our rail system of moving neat, undiluted bitumen is both economically superior and environmentally less risky than moving heavy crude by pipeline. Rail emits 2.7 times less GHG than a heavy crude pipeline built in the Alberta to Texas corridor.

How Do I Get Access?

Shippers arrange commercial contracts to use the rail system with Altex. The open access nature of the system ensures that all shippers have access to all facilities on a commercial basis. We have several types of facilities; some that are large, high speed, very sophisticated facilities to smaller direct truck to rail facilities. Shippers can contract for available capacity or Altex can build new facilities to suit.

Altex can negotiate directly with the rail carriers to provide an “all in” toll for use of the Altex rail system which includes: loading terminal fees, freight fees, logistics management, customs services and regulatory compliance.

Contact Us

If you are interested in shipping oil with Altex contact the Corporate & Business Development Department.


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