Local Economy

One of our goals is to be a valued member of the communities in which we operate. Our policy is to support the local economy by using local services and employing local people in the community whenever we can. This helps create a renewed vitality in the small towns where most of our terminals are located.

Our facilities can generate significant property taxes which helps maintain local infrastructure and defray costs for the entire community.

Community Support and Participation

We also recognize there are other needs in communities that contribute to the wellbeing and quality of life in a community. At Altex, we believe in active participation in the community.

Although the needs in many communities exceed what any one organization can meet, we do endeavor to participate through sponsorships and community activities. We work with our business partners to do the same.

We are proud to say, many of our employees will often volunteer their time and talents in the community. Look around and you will see them at a parade, the volunteer fire department or charity golf tournament.

Through our growth in safe operations, we can contribute to the quality of life in communities which in turn attracts and retains people within the communities in which we operate. That’s important to us as we want to be an employer of choice and a valued business leader in the community.