Air Quality Protection

Altex Energy air quality control starts with each truckload being tested for H2S. Any loads over prescribed limits are not allowed to unload at the Terminal. This creates a safe operating environment for all people on site. Altex Energy has a continuous improvement practice with each new generation of transload technology and retrofits new technologies into older sites. The two basic loading system Altex uses have different control systems.

Air Quality Protection
Direct Truck to Railcar

Direct Truck to Railcar – Closed Loop

Altex Energy utilizes a closed loop system. The trucks connect to the gantry system with a fluid transfer hose, the gantry connects to the railcar through a seal top loading hatch system. The hatch system has a vapour line which returns any vapour from the railcar back to the transport truck.

Truck to Tank to Railcar

Truck to Tank to Railcar – Vapour Capture

To support faster unloading of trucks and quicker loading of railcars Altex Energy offloads trucks into tanks. Any air displaced from the tanks is captured through a vapour collection system. This same system captures vapour displaced from the railcar when loading from the tanks. All of the captured vapours are then incinerated to destroy any harmful emissions.

Incinerator – Vapour Destruction

The captured vapours are blended with methane gas and burnt in an incinerator at 600 degrees. The low levels of H2S in the oil allows the incinerator to be effective to 99.9% destruction of VOCs with final emissions of CO2 and water vapour.

Environ Pipe_Rail
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Air Quality Monitoring

As part of our committment to air quality Altex has membership in Peace Air Zone Association (PAZA) PAZA is a nonprofit, multi-stakeholder organization which conducts ambient air quality monitoring in northwestern Alberta. PAZA is an unbiased, open and transparent organization, and their members collaborate to provide local solutions to local air quality concerns. PAZA, as an independent third-party, has invested ten years into building trust among members of the public, industry, non-governmental organizations, Alberta Environment, Energy Resources Conservation Board, and Alberta Health Services.