“Many firms call themselves “logistics” companies. Logistics companies tend to narrowly focus on the individual shipment be it a rail carload, truckload, pipe batch, or a courier package. This is of little use to anyone’s business and does nothing for proactive management.”

Altex is not one of these companies. We are a service delivery company. We focus on the broad picture with a goal of keeping the entire “system” flowing consistently. We take a system approach by working with producers, truckers, rail carriers and even other terminals. We proactively manage your business.

Service Delivery

Our shippers depend on Altex to deliver their products from the source to the destination market and to ensure their nominations are filled by the suppliers and that the products flow to destination markets. It’s about making a transparent system which consistently delivers on our shippers’ contractual requirements.

We look at how all elements of the system are performing and proactively make necessary adjustments to keep the entire system flowing as smoothly as possible. While many “logistics” companies trace a shipment to determine where it is, we do not. We look at where all of your products are and whether your contracts are being fulfilled.