Altex continues to improve our processes to provide better information to our shippers. Our new state-of-the-art terminal at Lashburn, SK employs the newest metering and truck tracking systems. Already low truck terminal dwell times will even get lower thus reducing costs for producers and shippers. Stay tuned as we further develop and integrate our systems to provide unmatched service to our shippers.

This screen shot is of Altex’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software that continuously monitors truck deliveries, tank balances, and railcar loading in real time.

Altex's supervisory control and data acquisition
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iGoRail is our enterprise management system. It enables efficient management of inventory, production accounting and electronic filing with Petrinix for all of our terminals. iGoRail’s robust ANSI X12 EDI interfaces allow us to communicate effortlessly with railways, customs brokers, truckers or any firm using ANSI standard EDI.

iGoRail large

iGoRail’s electronic commerce capabilities allow us to eliminate errors and provide efficient paperless business to business transactions. Let us explain the benefits that electronic commerce and iGoRail brings to your business